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Latest Update
2016/8/26 Digital Certificate of SUNIFG HONG KONG STREETATHON@ central 2016 available
2016/8/22 Awards of SUNIFG HONG KONG STREETATHON@ central 2016
2016/8/21 with improving weather, “Youth.ROC 5km” will continue to start at 10:30am
2016/8/21 with improving weather, “Hong Kong Oldies 5km” will continue to start at 8:30am and 9am

With thunderstorm warning and unsettled weather, “Jade Club Duo Run 3km” will be cancelled


Any runners who haven’t collected race packs due to the thunderstorm today, please arrive 30-60mins earlier on the event day to pick up your race packs at the Information Counter located at Gate A.

Race Time Pick up Time
0730 0630-0700
0830 0730-0800
0900 0800-0830
1030 0930-100


2016/7/22 Notification of Runners’ Pack Collection to Runner
2016/6/18 Registration link for【SUNIFG HONG KONG STREETATHON@ central 2016】will be active from Jun 20 noon / (Hong Kong Oldies 5km) (Jade Club DuoRun 3km) (Youth.ROC 5km)  (Charity seats)
2016/6/10 SUNIFG HONG KONG STREETATHON@ central 2016 will start registration from 20 Jun noon
2016/6/10 SUNIFG HONG KONG STREETATHON@central 2016 website is now open

A fun run that unveils Hong Kong’s rich heritage

The world today moves fast. And as citizens of Hong Kong, we move just as quickly to race towards the future. It’s what makes us proud to be a part of this great city. But sometimes, we need a different sort of race. And this is what the SUNIFG HONG KONG STREETATHON@central 2016 is all about…

A run towards a brilliant past to set our sights towards a brighter future.

During a joyful run, you will join thousands of runners on a fun-filled course that winds through the streets of Central. Dressed in colourful retro costumes, we will explore the city’s side streets that evoke Hong Kong’s rich heritage.

It will be a nostalgic journey that will fill our hearts with inspiration and pride—giving us the positivity to create a happy tomorrow.

After this fun run, we will revel in a street carnival that celebrates our time-honoured values, unique culture, street art and iconic food. A healthy way to give a high five to Hong Kong!